Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Of all the God given rolls in life, motherhood is in the top of importance. A mother’s unselfish unconditional love and nurturing I feel is just what the Lord had in mind when he structured the family. When we look throughout history we see mothers willing to sacrifice and do without so their children could survive and thrive. The hours are long and the reward seems a ways off ,but keep perservering mothers ,reaping day is coming and your children will rise up and call you blessed! Don’t succumb to this last day spirit of ” me-ism” and lovers of you own selves more than lovers of God! Being a chaste keeper at home far out weighs the materialism  and temporal success that this day has lifted to the pinnacle of importance! The old saying “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world ” is so true. Look at Moses and his mother jochebed. She only had a few of  his formative years to influence him but influence him she did!! When he came to years he refused to be called the son of pharoah’s daughter but rather chose to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. He was Gods choice to lead the people of  God out of bondage and into the promised land  This decision was a direct result of a mother’s nurturing influence. 

Oh how important is motherhood! Not only can a mother influence for good but she can hinder,misdirect and confuse her children by her foolish and selfish desires. My heart goes out to those who did not have /do not have a good mother or a mother at all. Mother’s  day represents a painful reminder of something blessed that they have missed in life. The picture that is painted of all the good ,loving and sacrificing mother’s and their children’s honoring of them ,even after death is an arrow to the heart of those who have suffered  with immature, self centered and absent mothers . May I encourage you today ,the scripture records “when father and mother forsake you the Lord will take you up” ! He will be your mother and your father he will love you unconditionally and will never forsake you!

To the mothers that have shown their love by sacrifice and unselfish living and giving ,our respect goes to the stars for you and we truly thank you for showing what motherhood is all about! 

I want to thank my wife Elizabeth Gray for being a real mother and grandmother to our children and grand children. I also want to thank Emma Butler for her example of motherhood and being a great mother in law and grandmother to our children.

Happy Mother’s Day to all

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